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Who Is Spratlin Media?



Spratlin Media is a relatively new Company, however one that has a record in the advertising field.  We have compiled a  staff that is committed to helping our clients obtain the best exposure and return from their advertising.  From working closely during the creation and design phase to the final product, we all share the common goal of customer service, and satisfaction.


Fresh, friendly and personal service are what set us apart from the mega-companies. Our  staff works with each advertiser to provide the advertising and marketing program that best meets their needs with the services of Spratlin Media.  We do not believe in the attitude that something "is not my job...". 




Corporate Office Staff-


Robert D. Spratlin II  -  President / General Manager 


JoAnn Spratlin - Accounts Payable and Receivable


Michelle Jackson - Director of Sales


Lauren Berens-Administrative Support