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  • Georgians spend an average of 27.7 minutes daily commuting from home to work – a 5 percent increase from 1990
  • When commuting, 78 percent of Georgia drivers travel alone
  • Georgia has 5,550,176 licensed drivers
  • Nine out of 10 Georgia residents have a driver’s license


Why Spratlin Outdoor Media, Inc. works for you.

  • People spend more time in their vehicles daily than they do reading the newspaper or watching television


  • Outdoor advertising is FREE to the customers, who do not have to subscribe or buy anything


  • Outdoor advertising works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


  • Outdoor advertising creates impulse buying or the final message before a buying decision is reached


  • Location. Spratlin Outdoor Media has positions in urban, rural and freeway locations


  • With multiple locations on or near I-75, Spratlin Outdoor Media offers exposure to north-south travelers year round


  • Spratlin Outdoor Media has new locations that are carefully selected to avoid clutter or intrusion from vegetation or commercial development


  • Outdoor advertising can compliment and coordinate with other forms of marketing by enhancing your company or service

Outdoor advertising is less expensive than radio, television or print and offers the lowest cost per thousand for your advertising dollars