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Have you ever wished that you could let someone else handle your yellow page advertising issues.  Dealing with local salespeople that are looking out for your best interest.  Not to mention having to deal with multiple salespeople that can move from year to year.
There is a way.  Started in 1969 by AT&T as a way to help larger companies consolidate their yellow page advertising to one contact, contract and billing.  Since 1969 we have been helping both large and smaller size organizations get a handle on their directory advertising.  With custom reports, billing and accounting projections, and studies of new markets before you invest the money are all ways that we help our clients get more "bang for their buck" from directory advertising.
For companies that meet the minimum requiremtents of three states and 20 directories there is no charge for our service.  We function just like an ad agency, and are paid a commission from the phone company.  However, if you are not at this level yet we can arrange a fee based contract so that you can still benefit from our service.
Corporate office- 770-422-0404 ext 21  JoAnn Spratlin