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It's a Fact ! 

  • Georgians spend an average of 27.7 minutes daily commuting from home to work – a 5% increase from 1990
  • When commuting, 78 percent of Georgia drivers travel alone
  • Georgia has 5,550,176 licensed drivers
  • Nine out of 10 Georgia residents have a driver’s license


Welcome to Spratlin Outdoor Media, Inc. 

- Georgia's New Face -


Why Spratlin Outdoor Media?

Our friendly sales staff works closely with companies and individuals to create an effective outdoor advertising program that is targeted, and budget minded.


Spratlin Outdoor provides monthly maintenance and lighting checks of all existing faces to ensure that your message is being seen.


Our locations are new, therefore, they have been carefully chosen to avoid any existing interference and will not be affected in the near future by vegetation or commercial development.


Spratlin Outdoor offers locations on interstates, major secondary roads and city environments. Do you have ownership in this type of property?


Our production costs are significantly less than the mega-companies and our installation times are much more responsive.


Let Spratlin Outdoor put your face on our new faces.


If you have any problems navigating our website, please call 770-422-0404 ext. 24 for assistance.