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EVENT MARKETING: Create awareness and excitement for your upcoming event. Use a Spratlin Mobile Media prior to the event to create local market awareness… or, during your event to channel traffic to your location or at your event as a backdrop with sound, PA system, graphics, and words.




NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS: Add power and excitement to your overall strategy. Use us to saturate your targeted market. Remember 91% of the public remembers graphics and words on a mobile vehicle.


SPECIAL PROMOTIONS: Does your product or services need a sales boost? A Spratlin Mobile Media Billboard can introduce life back into sagging sales by utilizing an innovative media approach to your overall advertising strategy. Sometimes a new approach can put the zip back in your campaign.



TRADE SHOWS: Increase your booth traffic by standing out from the other exhibitors Use Spratlin Mobile Media Billboard to take your message directly to the host hotels…to the parking lots around the convention center…high traffic routes…nearby restaurants. Imagine…your booth is the one with ALL the customers.





GRAND OPENINGS: You spent a lot of money on the location and now it’s time to generate customers by creating rapid local awareness using Spratlin Mobile Media. Target your potential new customers with your grand opening message taken to…nearby retail centers…high-traffic intersections…past your competitor’s location…through surrounding neighborhoods. Make your business an instant success by maximizing your start-up sales.


PRODUCT OR SALES BROCHURE SAMPLING: When you combine your message with product sampling, sales brochures or coupons the result can be a three dimensional media event that can add power to your overall campaign. Imagine the excitement you could generate at the Super Bowl or create your own media event.


TEST MARKETING: Maximize your product or service awareness by targeting specific neighborhoods…ethnic areas…geographical areas. A Spratlin Mobile Media Billboard truck offers you the flexibility to post your message or change your message rapidly so that different messages can be tested. National routes are expensive, so test your message first; it could save you a bundle.


INTERACTION: Where ever we go, we tend to draw alot of attention.  What more could you ask for?